My Secret for Lowering My Grocery Bill By 50%

Wouldn’t you love to reduce your grocery bill by 50% month after month? Lowering grocery bills is a goal for many households yet many Are groceries one of your biggest monthly bills? Want to spend less and still eat well? Find out the smart way to lowering grocery bills.struggle to do so. What if I told you that you can easily do this and still eat well? Okay, I won’t tease you any longer. My secret for lowering my grocery bills by 50% is by shopping at the 99 Cents Only stores!

Now, don’t turn your nose up at the thought of shopping at a discount store. 99 Cent Only is not just for the elderly or low-income families. I’ve made it a habit to shop for fruits and vegetables almost exclusively at 99 Cents Only, and it’s helped me drastically lower my grocery bill.

I remember the first time I set foot in 99 Cents Only, my plan was just to grab a gift bag. Then, to my delight, I saw the store was stocked with fruits and vegetables! There were avocados and pineapples to be had for $.99! I thought, what is this magical place and why haven’t I been here before??? I’ve returned many times since and have happily enjoyed the savings.

The store is brightly-lit and organized, just like any regular grocery store. These strawberries are usually $3-$4 at traditional grocery stores, but I get to scoop them up for $.99! Next to the strawberries are anti-oxidant rich blueberries and blackberries. Yum! Discount stores don’t just sell junk food and processed foods, there are plenty of produce that you can find.




If you think that it’s expensive to eat healthy, think again. Here’s a lovely selection of sugar snap peas, broccoli, brussel sprouts, and carrots. And guess what, they’re all priced at $.99. There are a few items here and there that are priced at $1.99 or $2.99 but that’s definitely not the norm. Most of the produce I buy are priced after the store’s name, $.99.


Here are my thoughts on the pros and cons of shopping for food at a discount store.


  • The price. I get a lot of bang for my buck.
  • We eat more fruits and veggies because they’re affordable.
  • We can afford to buy better quality meats because of the money we’re saving on produce.


  • You’re not going to have wide selections of fruits and vegetables.
  • The produce may be blemished but that’s how you’re able to get such a good deal.
  • If you care about eating organic, this likely isn’t the store for you.

Here’s a sampling of loot from a recent trip to the store. Can you believe that all of these items combined only cost $10?

Lowering Grocery Bills


I understand that some people might be wary of shopping for food at a discount store but the store is legit. I don’t feel that the food is any worse than what you’d find at the traditional grocery stores. Think of 99 Cents Only as the grocery store version of TJMaxx. They’re able to offer such good deals because a lot of the produce is overplanted and it’s better that they’re sold for cheap rather than thrown away.

Here are my tips for shopping at 99 Cents Only. Find out when your store restocks so you can have your pick of the best produce. The selections can be picked pretty thin if you’re there the day before they restock. I also like to go early in the day when the store is not so crowded.

While you’re there, I recommend picking up the following items because the quality is good and you can save a ton of money.

  • Greeting cards
  • Gift bags
  • Party decorations
  • Tissue paper
  • Balloons

For various reasons, I don’t suggest the following items.

  • Sandwich bags
  • Aluminum foil – it’s thinner than name brand and rips easily.
  • Cleaning products – look at the price per unit, you’re not always getting a deal.

I hope this post was helpful and allows you to see that shopping at a discount store has its benefits. So, get over the idea in your head that the store is only for poor people. Rather, it’s for smart people.

Are groceries one of your biggest monthly bills? Want to spend less and still eat well? Find out the smart way to lowering grocery bills.


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  1. Hi Tina,

    This was a really interesting read. I never knew you could buy produce in a $1 store?! I don’t frequent these stores so I never knew. It’s likely it’s not available in the Southwest where I live.

    The picture with all the goods for $10, now that’s a score. I did a rough calculation of how much I would end up paying at my grocery store, and it would be about double. Though, I don’t know quite where the $1 stores get their produce, but I try to buy from the U.S. or local if I can, and that’s just a preference.

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