Learn Why Being Lazy Costs Money

GEICO has some of the funniest commercials around and not only that, their message is so true. By taking just a few minutes out of your Savings don't just fall in our laps. We have to take proactive steps to save money. Being lazy costs money and we should be proactive to obtain savings.day, you really can save quite a bit of money. You can’t expect money to just fall in your lap (although that would be amaze balls). Sometimes, you have to be a little proactive and take steps to save money. Being lazy can actually cost you money. I reflected upon some recent instances of money saving and want to share them with you so that you can see how a little effort can go a long way.

Compare Quotes

Hubby and I had been using AAA for auto insurance ever since our college years. We were lucky enough to never have had to file claims so I can’t say much about their claims service. Regardless, we’ve never had problems with them and that’s why we stayed with them for so long and also decided to use them for our home insurance.

After moving from the Midwest to Nevada, our auto insurance premium nearly doubled! The explanation we got from AAA was that Nevada has one of the highest premiums in the entire country because there are so many tourists and uninsured drivers. I looked this up online and the articles I read confirmed this.

We committed the cardinal sin of setting the bill on auto pay and failed to give it any meaningful thought for the next 2 years. Yup, we were paying $2,000 in car insurance and we thought it was normal. This summer, it finally dawned on me to ask around and see what some of my friends and coworkers were paying. Granted, there are a host of factors that affect insurance premiums, but I was still shocked by my friends’ lower rates.

We finally stopped being lazy and got quotes from different car insurance companies. True to their word, going with GEICO saved us hundreds. We used to pay $1,100 every 6 months to insure both of our cards and we now pay $570. Isn’t that crazy? Just a little bit of legwork saved us over $500 dollars.

Asking for Price Adjustment

I very rarely pay retail for clothes because I know the retail prices are super inflated. Also, stores are constantly running sales so it seems silly to pay full price for something when I can just wait for it to go on sale. A couple of weeks ago I found myself trying on the most flattering work pants I’d ever come across.

Pants are difficult for many women, myself included. If the waist fits, the legs are too tight. If the legs fit fine, then the waist area is probably too loose. So, on this amazing day when I found a pair of pants that fit perfectly, I knew I had to get them. Unfortunately, they weren’t on sale. I didn’t want to risk not being able to find them once a sale does take place so I just bought the pants at retail.

A week later, I saw a commercial on TV showing that the store where I got the pants is having a 40% off store-wide sale. What?!?! I did some Googling and found that the store has a price adjustment policy. Some people may feel it’s not worth the hassle to return to the store and deal with the holiday crowds for measly savings. To be honest, I was feeling a little lazy. But, I didn’t want to give up free money so I dragged my butt back to the store and got $20. Bam. In this case, being lazy costs money.


Called Cox

Here’s another tale of when auto pay tripped us up. We had a rate locked in with Cox, our Internet provider, so we just set up auto pay to charge our credit card then pay it off at the end of every month. Our plan was $55 a month. Month after month, we dutifully paid our bill, no questions asked.

Recently, we noticed that our bill suddenly jumped to $77. Well, it turns out it wasn’t a sudden jump. We’d be paying this higher amount for 3 months. Ugh!!!! Hubby called Cox and it turns out we were paying the promotional rate and it had expired after 12 months. Of course, the rep tried to get him to switch to a more expensive plan but he held firm. Hubby resisted and politely suggested that we might switch Internet service providers. At that, he was switched to the customer retention specialist and we knocked at bill back down to $55 a month.

Moral of the story, sometimes spending a little bit of time can save you significant amounts of money. It may not always be the case but sometimes, being lazy costs money. I hope my examples from real life have proven my point. It’s always easier to sit back and do nothing but most of the time, it’s worth it to be a little proactive to save money.


Do you have any examples from your life when being proactive saved you money?

Savings don't just fall in our laps. We have to take proactive steps to save money. Being lazy costs money and we should be proactive to obtain savings.



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  1. Great practical ways to save money! I always put off making these phone calls to companies for insurance, cable, etc….to comparison shop or lower bills, but I know I should! This post gives me more encouragement 🙂

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