How I Made $250 In Side Income Last Month

As we begin a new month, I’d like to share how I was able to make some side income last month. I want to help motivate those of you who want to make extra income outside of your 9 to 5 job. It’s not always easy. It does require effort. But, if your goal is to make extra income, I want to show you that it can be done.Want to make some side income outside of your 9 to 5 job? Does your budget need some breathing room? Discover how I made $250 in side income last month.

Why make extra income? It can help pay off debt. You can also use the extra money to spend on fun stuff that you didn’t have money for before. The extra income can go towards savings. Most importantly, having extra income represents security.

My husband was recently laid off from the company he had been with for 10 years. A friend of ours was fired from the company he had been with for 20 years.

A traditional 9 to 5 job doesn’t represent the security that it used to. When you work for someone else, your fate is in their hands.

There’s no telling anymore whether you’ll work for the same company your entire life. This is why I’ve been exploring ways to earn side income. Should I lose my job, I want to make sure that I still have a way to make ends meet.

The amount I made last month may seem small but I think the most important thing to do is just to get started.

Below are some of the ways I was able to make side income for the last month.

eBay $35

I listed a couple of dresses on eBay that I had never worn. I had originally put them in the Goodwill donation bag but I’m so glad I caught my mistake. My husband helped take pictures of me wearing the dresses and we listed them on eBay. My advice is to research other similar items that had been sold on eBay to establish a price point.

For clothing, I prefer to use the Buy It Now option rather than do the auction. I find it easier and I can just list the item and leave it alone until someone buys it. For auctions, there are set timelines and you have to remove the listing if your item’s not sold.

Since I mostly sell lower cost items, I find the Buy It Now option to be easier and doesn’t take as much time. If you’re selling something like a collectible or higher end, then the auction could be worth the effort because you want people to bid against each other and drive up the price.

You don’t have to clean out your closet in order to find something to sell on eBay. I previously wrote about regular household items that you can sell on eBay to make extra side income.

Wyzant $144

Wyzant is a website that facilitates one-on-one learning. There are 300+ subject areas that someone can tutor. The subjects include standards such as reading, writing, languages, math, and sciences. You can also become a tutor in Photoshop and computer languages such as Java.

To become a tutor, you have to take a test and become certified. If you know what you’re doing, it’s not hard at all. I became certified in ESL, writing, and reading by answering about 10 questions each about the subjects.

I set up my profile and after a couple weeks I found a student. The thing I like about Wyzant is that you can tutor in person or online so you have to potential to reach students from all over the U.S.

One thing I don’t like is that when you first get started, Wyzant takes a pretty big cut of your hourly rate. I charge $30/hour. Wyzant takes 40% of my earnings as a commission of sorts so I actually only take home $18. Wyzant’s cut goes down to 35% after you’ve tutored 20 hours.

If you have specialized skills and knowledge, Wyzant is worth looking into. You can reach students all over the U.S. Another advantage is that you’re not obligated to teach the first lesson until the student has provided the payment information.

Craigslist $20

Craigslist is good for selling larger items that are too expensive to ship or everyday items that people don’t tend to look for on eBay.

Last month I sold a couple of floor lamps that weren’t needed anymore. They’re too bulky to be shipped and I didn’t think people bought floor lamps off of eBay so Craigslist was the way to go. The process is pretty easy. Name your price, take some pictures, and put the listing online.

Do practice common sense when selling on Craigslist. I don’t like to have people come to our house if I can help it. For the floor lamps, I arranged to meet the buyer in the library parking lot and I asked my husband to come with me as well. If you must have someone come to your house, make sure you’re not alone.

Swagbucks $50

If you’re interested in signing up for Swagbucks, I’d appreciate it if you could use my link so that I can earn some extra Swagbucks. Swagbucks is an online rewards portal that lets you earn points (Swagbucks) and exchange them for gift cards. You earn Swagbucks by doing searched online, watching videos, doing surveys, shopping through their portals, or playing games.

Through a mix of those activities, I earned enough points to exchange $50 worth of Amazon gift cards. These gift cards come in handy for buying birthday and Christmas presents or just everyday items around the house. I actually used my accumulated gift cards to buy a laptop earlier this year.

You can learn more about Swagbucks here.

Total $249

Want to make some side income outside of your 9 to 5 job? Does your budget need some breathing room? Discover how I made $250 in side income last month. Conclusion

Making close to $250 is not too bad for a month’s worth of side income. It gives me motivation to keep going and explore other options. I hope this also provides an example to show that you too can get started in making side income.