Earn With Swagbucks: How I Make Money Every Month

Some of you may have wondered, is Swagbucks legit? I’m happy to say that it absolutely is and it’s super easy to earn with Swagbucks.

Swagbucks is an online rewards portal that lets you earn points (SB) and redeem them for gift cards. With minimal effort, I earn enough points to redeem the equivalent of $50 every month.

I love to redeem my SB for Amazon gift cards but there are tons of options such as Target, Walmart, Starbucks, and PayPal. In the past, I’ve also redeemed SB for Southwest gift cards which was super handy for holiday travels.Swagbucks is legit | Earn with Swagbucks

This is such a good way to stockpile gift cards for birthdays and Christmas or just to buy something to treat yourself, so I want to share my tips with you. In fact, I used the Amazon gift cards I accumulated through Swagbucks to buy a new laptop this past spring.

If you’d like to sign up for Swagbucks, I’d appreciate it if you’d sign up through my link so I can qualify for some extra SB.

You can earn SB via the phone and laptop. Some SB can only be earned via one or the other so I’ll explain both.


To earn from your phone, you need to download the Swagbucks app. It is available in the App Store and also for Android devices.

SB Mobile TV

This is hands down my favorite way to earn. I open up the app and “watch” movie trailers. The videos play one after another so it’s really hands off. You earn 2 SB for every 5 videos.

I queue it up when up cooking or cleaning or any other activity where my hands are busy. On an average day, I earn 30-40 SB.

Tips: To conserve battery, I lower the screen brightness and also keep the phone plugged in whenever possible. I also only watch videos when I’m on wi-fi. If watching these videos causes you to go over your data usage then it’s not worth it.

Swag Codes

Swag Codes are lines of text you can enter on the website or the mobile app in exchange for instant SB. You can enable push notifications on your phone so you get alerts when Swag Codes are available. On a day-to-day basis, you get one code and they range from 2-4 SB. Every now and then, Swagbucks does a promotion and you can earn 30+ SB just by entering codes on your mobile app or desktop.


Most of us spend a good deal of time in front of the computer so this offers another good option for racking up SB.


Swagbucks functions like a search engine. If you need to search for something on the Internet, try searching for it on Swagbucks for a chance to earn SB.

Daily To Do List

Make sure you check this every day because these are super easy ways to earn SB. You can find the daily to-do list in the sidebar. Do the Daily Poll (1 SB) and the Daily Crave (2 SB). These are the easiest ways to earn. If you complete 8/8 of the to-do list, you can earn extra SB. I’ve never been able to complete all 8 but you can also get bonus SB for completing 6/8 tasks.

Popular Videos

This is another area that provides easy earning opportunities such as Tour the Web, nGage, and Take a Discovery Break.  They provide 2 or 3 SB per activity and some of them only require one or two clicks. The videos can be played repeated so I make most of my SB this way.

Explore Content and Earn

I looooove these because the videos are set on auto play. I just click once and the videos automatically play one after another. It’s the easiest way to earn 6-12 SB for each set of videos.


Surveys are hit or miss but it’s worth a shot to answer the qualifying questions because even if you don’t qualify for any surveys, you’re still getting 1 SB. I have earned as much as 100 SB on a survey before so the payoff can be big.


You can play games such as Swag Jump and Swagasaurus Run to earn SB. I don’t tend to play the games because they can take a lot of time and the earning is unpredictable.


The SwagButton is an extension you download and install on your browser. I don’t like to add extra stuff on my computer so I haven’t installed it. It’s useful though because some Swag Codes are only be redeemed through the SwagButton.

Swagbucks Shop

There are lots of shopping portals out there that you can use to earn money back. I prefer to shop through Swagbucks since I’m already collecting SB so I can accumulate them faster.

Also, different shopping portals may collaborate with different vendors so you’ll need to check if the business you want to shop with is available on Swagbucks.

The Swagbucks shop features nationally known stores and also local shops.


It may not seem like much but don’t ignore your inbox. Sometimes there are videos you can watch for 2 easy SB or links that provide 2 SB simply by clicking on them.

Bonus Ways to Earn

Daily Goal Bonus

When you hit the daily goal of earning per day, you qualify for more SB depending on what the daily goal is. It looks like the minimum goal is 30 SB which earns 3 SB, 40 SB earns 4 SB and so on.

If you’re pretty hardcore like I am, your daily goal will be in the 80-100 SB range. You earn additional SB if you meet your goal 7, 14, 21 days or for the entire month.

Team Challenges

These are available about once a month. Keep an eye on the upper left hand corner of the homepage or the blog. That’s where you can find out about the Team Challenges. Sign up for the challenge and you’ll be assigned to a team.

Then, just go about earning SB as usual. The SB you earn will count towards your team total. At the end of the challenge, you get a certain number of SB depending on how your team did.


You earn 10% of whatever your referred person earns, not counting bonus SB.

That’s it, folks. Swagbucks is totally legit. If you’d like to join Swagbucks, I’d appreciate it if you can sign up through my link.

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