11 Household Items You Can Sell on eBay

I recently sold a Coach wristlet on eBay. It was such an easy profit that it got me thinking, what else can I sell on eBay to make money? My research turned up some surprising items and some of them can be obtained for free!

  1. Egg Cartons

If you’ve ever purchased eggs from the grocery store, you’ve laid your hands on egg cartons. They are used for arts and crafts and also by people who sell eggs. Egg cartons can also be used for sound insulation. They’re also pretty lightweight so shipping costs can be kept low.

2. Toilet Paper Tubes

Toilet paper rolls are another popular crafts item found on eBay. If you’re worried about having a ton of empty tubes all over the house, get a cardboard box and designate that as the collection spot.

3. Large Pine Cones

Are you seeing a theme here? Guess what large pine cones are used for? Crafts!!! Single large pine cones can fetch a good price on eBay. If your pine cones are more average sized, try collecting a decent quantity and list the whole batch.

4. Old VHS Tapes

Do you have old VHS tapes taking up space in your attic and garage? If you don’t know what VHS tapes are, you make me feel old. Surprisingly, people do buy these tapes even though DVDs have long taken over the movie market.

       The tapes with hard boxes like ones in the picture below tend to sell better as do Disney movies. If the tape is of a movie that is no       longer being produced, it will sell well also.

Want to make extra money? Find out about everyday items you can sell on eBay to make extra cash.

5. Box Tops

I’m sure you’ve seen these things in your daily life. They’re on cereal boxes, frozen food packages, and canned soups. The Box Tops benefit schools and each is worth 10 cents. Parents turn to eBay for these because schools often have competitions to see who can collect the most.

6. Empty Makeup Containers

Empty makeup containers can be found on eBay. MAC is a particularly popular brand because of the Back to MAC program. By returning 6 MAC containers, customers will receive a free lipstick.

7. Wine Corks

Guess what people like to use wine corks for? If you said crafting, you’d be right! Some people also like to use these as decorating objects around the house. They look quite nice in clear vases. One thing to keep in mind, corks made of natural wood tend to be better sellers.

8. Gift Cards

Have you ever received a gift card to a place you don’t like or maybe your town doesn’t even have the store? Don’t let those unused gift cards gather dust, sell them on eBay! You will have to sell for less than the face value because otherwise, people can just buy them directly from stores.

Gift cards are very lightweight though so you can even offer free shipping to entice buyers.

9. Perfume Samples

Subscription boxes are pretty popular these days because people can experience variety. That’s the principle behind selling perfume samples. People like variety and they like being able to test out fragrances before buying the full-sized bottles.

10. Beer Bottle Caps

Bottle caps, they’re used for… yup, crafts. Some people also collect them if they’re unique and not easily found. If you’re selling bottle caps for common beers like Bud Light and Budweiser, trying listing the in bulk. If you have uncommon ones such as those from foreign countries, it’s okay to list in smaller quantities.

11. Broken Crayons

Crayons are another popular crafting item. People tend to throw away the broken pieces but you can collect them and sell them on eBay. There are some really neat ideas for reusing broken crayons so I can see why people buy them.

Okay, selling these items on eBay may not make you a millionaire. But, I really like the idea of turning trash into cash. Plus, you’re really doing a great thing for Mother Earth by selling items you don’t need instead of sending them to the landfill.

Have you ever tried selling items on eBay? Were you successful? Do you have any tips and stories you’d like to share?

Want to make extra money? Find out about everyday items you can sell on eBay to make extra cash.