How I Paid Off My Law School Loans in 18 Months

Today, I’d like to share my student loan story. In today’s world, many people cannot obtain a college degree or advanced degree without the help of student loans. I’m not saying that to normalize debt. Student loan debt has become so common these days that it’s more unusual to meet someone who went through school […]

9 Signs That You’re Bad With Money (and What You Can Do to Fix It)

Let’s be honest. Not everyone knows how to responsibly handle their money. It’s not necessarily their fault. It may be that they weren’t shown the ropes while growing up and never had the chance to develop good financial habits. They engage in certain behaviors that let you know that they’re bad with money. Fortunately, for […]

Financial Red Flags to Watch Out for in a Partner

Getting married or otherwise deciding to commit to someone is one of the most important decisions you’ll make in life. Marriage means intermingling all aspects of your lives. Additionally, studies show that money is the leading cause of stress in relationships. Therefore, you should proceed carefully if you partner exhibits any of the following behaviors. […]